Any student who has completed a nurse aide course from a school and is still within the window of opportunity to take their nurse aide exam. This course is beneficial for students who have not attempted their state exam and for students who may need to retake a portion of their exam.  


Note: This is a study course and is intended to be used as a refresher course to provide further preparation  for your exam. Your school of origin will assist you in registering for your state exam. You will not receive nurse aide course credit or  be eligible to take your state exam by taking the refresher course alone. If you have never taken a nurse aide course, then you will need to sign up for our online nurse aide course.

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Prepare for State Nurse Aide Exam Refresher Course


Course Description:

A student who has completed a nurse aide course has up to 12 months to take their state nurse aide exam.


A student also has three attempts to pass the nurse aide exam. The exam consists of a multiple choice test and a skills test where the individual is asked to demonstrate 5 nurse aide skills. Two nurse aide skills that are always tested are Blood Pressure, Pulse, and Respiration and Hand Washing. This is a Nurse Aide refresher course to help individuals who have taken a nurse aide course but have not yet passed or taken their state nurse aide exam. This online course has guided nurse aide material reviews, videos, and exams to help prepare you for your state exam or to retake a portion of your state nurse aide exam. 

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